The Story of the Pink Converses!


Well not quite yet! 8 more days until spring!! I am so ready for spring. I imagine every person living in New England would have the same feeling- hating the winter, the snow and the ice and ready to move on into spring! Flowers, sunshine, ice cream, fun shoes, leather jackets, crop pants- ohh I cant wait! I am already rocking my pink converse shoes!

There is a story behind these shoes! Last summer I was honored to be invited to showcase my debut plus size collection at Full Figure Fashion Week- NYC! That was a very surreal experience. More on that later. So last summer I took the train- Amtrak- the best!- Into NYC. Only a little of 4hrs of a ride- so no tooo bad. Luckily the hotel I was staying at was basically across the street from Penn Station. I lugged my 50lbs suitcase (the biggest, most stuffed suitcase you could imagine) across the street in 80 degree weather and checked into the hotel.

The day I arrived I was scheduled to do a small press conference only a few hours after arriving- so I ditched my big bag at the check in desk- since I couldn’t check in yet since it was too early- and being prepared- I removed my smaller press kit bag and went on my way.

What I failed to realize that day was the press conference was at least 10 blocks away. It was 80 degrees and I was dying. So I strut those 10 blocks and got to the conference on time. Yay! However I could already tell the nice wedge sandals I wore (which I thought would be OK!) were already causing me problems. During the press conference we did not have seats- so I  stood another few hours on my poor feet! Ouch!

By the time I left my feet were throbbing and I had blisters the size of pancakes!! Ouch!! So I walked to the closest shoe store possible and bought a new pair of shoes! These were my new pink converses!! Paid too much for them- but I was desperate- the only problem was these shoes were new and needed to be broken in- thus now causing a new problem of ripping open the back of my foot! My feet were a hot mess. Needless to say I only wore my converses the rest of the week! (And only slipped on some heels when I walked on the runway with my collection!)

Lesson learned!! Now all broken in I LOVE my pink converse! They are the best!

What fashion lessons have you learned in the past? What item of fashion was it? I would love to hear from you!!!!  -ASK

Ⓒ ASK Fashion LLC & Ⓒ Rose Riot

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