Style Beyond Size: Styling Fabulous Women Sizes 22+


The bodies we often see portrayed in plus size fashion and in the media are women who are at least 5′ 10″ plus size models roughly a perfect size 14 or 16, with an hour glass shape. Ashley Graham is an amazing role model and an amazing plus size model! However as a plus size fashion blogger, I almost never see someone who is my size represented. I loved it when I saw Chrissy Metz on the tv show “This is Us” but was disheartened to find out it was part of her contract to lose weight. I understand her character signs up to lose weight on the tv show, but to me it just seems to be another type cast of a plus size woman who just cannot love herself at whatever size she may be (meaning NOT thin enough).

My point- when will it ever be “enough”? Why can’t I love the skin I am in? I have been as small as a 14 and as large as a 28. When I was recently asked to be apart of an amazing collection of women who rock a size 22 and up, I couldn’t say yes fast enough! Marcy Cruz of the plus size fashion blog “Fearlessly Just Me” reached out and said Hey- I have this vision, lets do this! I couldn’t wait to start! Check out the completed Look book here!

I also need to take the time to thank Marcy Cruz soooooooo much for including me! She is absolutely AMAZING and if you do not already follow her blog- do so here! 

I never thought I would be in-front of the camera. I have always been more of a behind the scenes girl. I always thought it was my job as a plus size fashion designer to help make other plus size women look and feel beautiful. However, it was very difficult to find plus size models that were over a size 16 or 18 who would get in front of the camera. Now I never thought I, myself would be that person, but I must say, there is a overwhelming wave of satisfaction that comes over me when I am able to slip on a plus size dress that I made, to fit my own body. I could make lots of dresses in college when I was learning, but I never got a chance to wear any of them because they were always too small; usually a size 6. I needed dresses that would fit my body- whether I was a 16 or 26!

Over the last couple of years I have been making hand made plus size fashion under the name ASK Fashion- check out my shop here! And I started this plus size fashion blog to help chronicle my journey not only as a plus size fashionista, but as a plus size fashion designer and fashion entrepreneur!


This dress I have on, I call my Rose Print dress, and the Rose Print was digitally designed by me, printed in Massachusetts and hand sewn also by me in Ma! I love the way this ponte knit fits, giving just enough stretch and ease of movement with just enough structure. These are limited quantity and there are only a few left, check them out here!

Honestly, it took several photos to get a decent one of me! That day my best friend Katie and I went to go do this photo shoot- the win was blowing and I couldn’t keep my skirt down! Haha- I had to run and hide behind this wood wall. I also have a bad habit of not opening my eyes wide enough for photos. So it took some time to get just the right shot! Also, I am no professional model by ANY means, I am far from it! So it takes a few tries for me to get the pose right! I am usually the one advising the posing the model we have on set. So this was a totally different experience for me to be in front of the camera. Luckily my best friend is super patient!

Another look we shot as part of this 22+ look book- was this British outfit I had made!


This dress is also made of ponte knit fabric. It has great stretch! I also hand make all my patterns for my plus size designs from scratch. This dress had lots of pattern pieces as every single one of these colors is cut and sewn together to make this design. There are only a few left of this design as well check it out here! I made this dress because I am kinda obsessed with Britain, even though I have never been to London! One day I will make it there, but in the mean time I am going to have to kick ass in this dress.

Want to be in the know when I launch more hand made plus size fashion dresses? Sign up on my email list here

I am also working on a new plus size jacket line named Rose Riot. Want to know more about that? Its a completely new brand focusing on kick ass plus size jackets that will last! Sign up here to get in the know on that!

Thanks so much for reading my blog! Please check out all of the other bloggers on the look book here! If you read all the way down to here, here is a special deal- Use Coupon: ASK22 for 22% off ANY plus size dress from my ASK Fashion Etsy shop here!

Stay Classy Ladies and Rock out!




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