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Hello! Thanks for coming to my about me page!! This is the page about me! Woo!

So Hi! My name is Amanda Koker and I am the CEO/Fashion Designer/Creative Director of fashion company called ASK FASHION LLC. I currently have an Etsy Shop with all of my dress designs available for sale here. Check it out!!  We are based out of Boston, Massachusetts, and proudly made in the USA!

My fashion story begins with crayons in my hand, and an empty while wall in my house. Trust me it would not be left that way; that wall became my canvas. My parents said they always knew would design. I always wanted to create (and still do!). It didn’t matter what I created, it only mattered that I did create. When I first started exploring my artistic side I painted, drew, made clay sculptures, you name it. I loved markers and crayons the best because I had so many colors to choose from and so little wall space.

All of my memories are tied to clothing. My parents say I was never satisfied with my clothing, and I would change up to 20 times a day, just because I didn’t want to be wearing the same outfit.

I also must mention that I have been considered “plus size” my entire life. Growing up in the 90’s when crop tops were “the thing”- was not a great experience. I am 5, 5″ And have also worn a double digit. As time as gone on and plus size fashion is growing, the choices have gotten better, but I still found myself unsatisfied.

I wanted clothing that spoke to my rock star soul, that I could creativity express myself, that was available in MY size, and was manufactured ethically and morally. When I was 13 I was gifted my very first sewing machine from my parents and my grandmother. My parents saw in me my eye for design and my talent for drawing and sent me to art’s summer camp, where my talents would flourish and grow.

Once that sewing machine hit my hands- that was it. I started sewing small things, pillow cases etc. Then it grew to larger garments. A designers right of passage; the junior and senior prom gowns. Then I continued on to college.  I graduated from Mount Ida College in Newton, Massachusetts with a Bachelors degree in both Fashion Design and Fashion Merchandising and Marketing.

People always tell me to be “the change I want to see in the world”. So that is what I am doing- I started my company to provide better quality, better moral, sustainable and ethical standards and better kick ass fashion. If no one was going to give me what I wanted and needed- then damn it, I would do it myself!

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