Prabal Gurung for Lane Bryant- Designer Collaboration

Lately Lane Bryant has been on the fore front of bringing fashion forward clothing to plus size women. They have collaborated with some of fashion’s biggest names including Christian Siriano and just recently Prabal Gurung, among others such as Actress Melissa McCarthy and Designer Isabel Toledo.

Lane Bryant also begun a new limited edition fashion forward in house collection called “6th & Lane” which brings the newest items in fashion several times a year. These items are a bit pricier then their regular Lane Brant lines, but its obtainable luxury; flattering details and that extra smooth and silky fabrics that make you feel fabulous, without breaking the bank.

Prabal Gurung and is an acclaimed fashion designer. He has received recognition by the prestigious CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund in 2010 (new seasons available on and he has received the CFDA Swarovski Award for Womenswear in 2011 (source CFDA).


Here he is posing with the amazing plus size model Ashley Graham. If your not familiar with Ashley Graham, she is a plus size model who has taken the industry by storm- landing major campaigns and magazine covers (including Sports Illustrated and more!). Ashley is breaking down the fashion barriers and representing an entire segment of women who have been often left out of any kind of PR or media advertising in the fashion industry. Finally some plus size representation in main stream media. Ashley also recently broke down more walls, when she walked for Michael Kors recent runway collection.

What I especially love about this particular collaboration is Prabal’s inspiration:


The fashion industry is coming along and becoming more inclusive every day. I for one am very excited to see giants in retail like Lane Bryant listening to their customers and giving them more and more of what they want- FASHION! Fashion that is relevant, trendy, and available in a larger variety of sizes! And Lane Bryant is bringing together a group of designers who are not afraid to design for the plus size woman; they instead use her as their muse and let the curves inspire the shapes and silhouettes. Its very inspiring to see, as we see time and time again designers turn away from offering any plus size. We need more and more designers to step up and take on the challenge, as I for one will gladly hand over my dollars to higher end fashionable clothing. Fashion is an investment.

Here is a peak of some of the newest looks from the latest collection with Prabal Gurung for Lane Brant. I am obsessing over these new floral prints- abstract black and white always call my name. Check them out here!


Throw in a moto jacket and a color block dress and I am in business. Chic, sophisticated and sassy. I love a contrast floral.

What pieces do you see yourself in? I for one am looking forward to even more designer collaborations in the future. I think it is smart business; we want more options then shark bite tops, body con dresses and polyester skate cut dresses. We want more- and we are willing to vote with our wallets. I know I will be.

Lane Bryant has also extended their size offerings in the designer looks, ranging now from a size 10-28. Maybe in the future we will see the size range extend once more into the 30/32 range.

What else would you like to see in plus size fashion? In Lane Bryant or any brand? Comment below!

Stay sassy and classy ladies!


*** All photo credit belongs to Lane Bryant.

A Yearly Reflection: Looking Back and Moving Forward

As we find ourselves at the end of yet another year, we look back to reflect on the good, the bad and everything in between. It seems like we were celebrating the New Year just five minutes ago and we begin to ask ourselves how? Did we notice time just ticking by? What were we doing that whole time? Did we grow? What did we do? Did we remember to pick our heads up from our cubicles and actually see the world changing around us? Did we notice?

Love this sewing clock.. sew little time!

I have been asking myself these questions for the last few months as the year was coming to an end. The older I get the faster time seems to go. This year I turned 26- the ripe age of another reality of adulthood coming to fruition; getting booted off my parent’s health and dental insurance. It wasn’t pretty at first, but I did survive.


This year I made the choice to stop depending on anyone or anything financially. Part of being an adult is learning to handle things ourselves, including our money. I reject the idea of being a princess waiting to be saved. No one will save you, you have to save yourself and be your own prince charming. I decided this year to take my finances by the balls and make them my bitch; taking control of my financial life and my future with a clear budget and a plan. The only person I need to depend on is me.  I find myself a year later- further down the road of independent financial adulthood.  And I must say it feels just fine!


I have realized over this past year that this life is entirely my own journey and no one else’s. There is no set course and no set time table. What I choose to do with it, how I spend my time and money, and with who, is up to me. Not everyone is going to understand my journey (and yours), and that is totally OK- they don’t have to. I reject the idea of a predetermined time frame of which I have to obtain certain mile stones in my life. I will decide if and when the time is right for me and if I want those things at all. Marriage?  Probably. Kids? Maybe. When?  IF and When I decide.  This was a year of choosing for me and I chose to continue to pursue my fashion career and build my plus size fashion business and I couldn’t be happier. I did also get engaged this year! (Read all about it here)- But when we decide to walk down the aisle is up to us.

Looking back, one of my proudest moments this year was being a part of a special collaboration of plus size bloggers who represent style above a size 22. Check it out here! This is a huge deal because women who are a size 22+ are often left out of AD campaigns and online shopping options. I am honored to be chosen to represent an underserved segment of plus size women. I put my big girl pants on and faced my fears of being in front of the camera. I put on one of my very own hand made plus size dresses and rocked it!


I also got to catch up with some of these amazing women in NYC during one of the biggest plus size fashion weeks around! Looking back this year was full of excitement and adventure! NYC is like no where else in the world. You get the chance to create who you are and be who you want to be. This summer while in NYC I had the best selling season of my hand made plus size dresses ever! I got there and did my very best- and this time, it worked! And the best part was, it made me happy, because I was doing what I loved (and I was making other people happy too!)

You should do what makes you happy and define your own version of success. I have decided that the plus size fashion entrepreneur life is for me. Level: Difficult- Challenge Accepted. One of the most valuable lessons I have learned is to not let anyone tell you, you can’t. I was brought up with the notion that “if you tell me I can’t, I will show you I CAN.” And I try to live that every day; remind myself that it is OK to fail, as long as I get back up and try again, for as long as it takes.


I don’t always know the destination of my future because it continues to evolve. You do not have to have it all figured out. Trust me, no one does, and if they tell you they do- they’re lying to you. Don’t lose sight of your dreams, but accept that your dreams can change. Like most young adults I am continuing to try to figure it out, the best I can. Trying to build the life I want and choosing to believe and invest in myself. And you should too!

Appreciate all those small steps, no matter how tiny and allow yourself the feeling of joy and pride as you reflect on your year. You did this! Look at how far you have come! Savor in the moment! Get off your damn iphones and let it all in. Take a minute to stop and look around every once in a while, if you don’t, you just might miss it! Reflect and appreciate yourself and what you have achieved. Make a plan, and keep kicking ass in 2017!

Want to know what I am up to for 2017? Sign up on my mailing list and find out here!

Rock on!


Style Beyond Size: Styling Fabulous Women Sizes 22+


The bodies we often see portrayed in plus size fashion and in the media are women who are at least 5′ 10″ plus size models roughly a perfect size 14 or 16, with an hour glass shape. Ashley Graham is an amazing role model and an amazing plus size model! However as a plus size fashion blogger, I almost never see someone who is my size represented. I loved it when I saw Chrissy Metz on the tv show “This is Us” but was disheartened to find out it was part of her contract to lose weight. I understand her character signs up to lose weight on the tv show, but to me it just seems to be another type cast of a plus size woman who just cannot love herself at whatever size she may be (meaning NOT thin enough).

My point- when will it ever be “enough”? Why can’t I love the skin I am in? I have been as small as a 14 and as large as a 28. When I was recently asked to be apart of an amazing collection of women who rock a size 22 and up, I couldn’t say yes fast enough! Marcy Cruz of the plus size fashion blog “Fearlessly Just Me” reached out and said Hey- I have this vision, lets do this! I couldn’t wait to start! Check out the completed Look book here!

I also need to take the time to thank Marcy Cruz soooooooo much for including me! She is absolutely AMAZING and if you do not already follow her blog- do so here! 

I never thought I would be in-front of the camera. I have always been more of a behind the scenes girl. I always thought it was my job as a plus size fashion designer to help make other plus size women look and feel beautiful. However, it was very difficult to find plus size models that were over a size 16 or 18 who would get in front of the camera. Now I never thought I, myself would be that person, but I must say, there is a overwhelming wave of satisfaction that comes over me when I am able to slip on a plus size dress that I made, to fit my own body. I could make lots of dresses in college when I was learning, but I never got a chance to wear any of them because they were always too small; usually a size 6. I needed dresses that would fit my body- whether I was a 16 or 26!

Over the last couple of years I have been making hand made plus size fashion under the name ASK Fashion- check out my shop here! And I started this plus size fashion blog to help chronicle my journey not only as a plus size fashionista, but as a plus size fashion designer and fashion entrepreneur!


This dress I have on, I call my Rose Print dress, and the Rose Print was digitally designed by me, printed in Massachusetts and hand sewn also by me in Ma! I love the way this ponte knit fits, giving just enough stretch and ease of movement with just enough structure. These are limited quantity and there are only a few left, check them out here!

Honestly, it took several photos to get a decent one of me! That day my best friend Katie and I went to go do this photo shoot- the win was blowing and I couldn’t keep my skirt down! Haha- I had to run and hide behind this wood wall. I also have a bad habit of not opening my eyes wide enough for photos. So it took some time to get just the right shot! Also, I am no professional model by ANY means, I am far from it! So it takes a few tries for me to get the pose right! I am usually the one advising the posing the model we have on set. So this was a totally different experience for me to be in front of the camera. Luckily my best friend is super patient!

Another look we shot as part of this 22+ look book- was this British outfit I had made!


This dress is also made of ponte knit fabric. It has great stretch! I also hand make all my patterns for my plus size designs from scratch. This dress had lots of pattern pieces as every single one of these colors is cut and sewn together to make this design. There are only a few left of this design as well check it out here! I made this dress because I am kinda obsessed with Britain, even though I have never been to London! One day I will make it there, but in the mean time I am going to have to kick ass in this dress.

Want to be in the know when I launch more hand made plus size fashion dresses? Sign up on my email list here

I am also working on a new plus size jacket line named Rose Riot. Want to know more about that? Its a completely new brand focusing on kick ass plus size jackets that will last! Sign up here to get in the know on that!

Thanks so much for reading my blog! Please check out all of the other bloggers on the look book here! If you read all the way down to here, here is a special deal- Use Coupon: ASK22 for 22% off ANY plus size dress from my ASK Fashion Etsy shop here!

Stay Classy Ladies and Rock out!




Skulls and Leggings

October is one of my favorite times of year! Not only because the leafs change and it becomes jacket weather, but because of Halloween its SKULL EVERYTHING. I also am obsessing about leggings;  not as pants, but as a fun addition to any dress. I personally love wearing leggings because they not only are a fun addition, but they protect my thighs from chaffing. I have never been a tights girl, they are annoying and they never fit. Honestly I don’t think I have gotten a pair of tights over my lovely large thighs since I have been 12. Don’t miss them and don’t care, I would much rather wear leggings.

These are the most recent leggings I have purchased are from Torrid. Unfortunately they are no longer available, but they do have more options with more skulls on them. Check them out here!    These leggings I got are some of my favorite! I honestly didn’t even know they had skulls on them originally. But if you look real close you can see them in the center.



Here is a better picture. I love the safety pins too! A bit of punk rock! I loved the design and detail. I could wear this with a black dress, or a bright colored dress. It’s a perfect way to add a little punk detail in my look. I am always looking for ways to push the corporate boundaries and what better way then fashion!


Here is an even better picture! If you look close you can see the small spades and skull profiles. Torrid yet again hit the punk rock nail right on the head. They are super soft and super stretchy. They wash pretty well- I haven’t had any issues with shrinking.


And sometimes you just need to add a little attitude into your look!


Torrid remains one of my favorite plus size retailers. Especially when it comes to buying leggings that fit. I usually wear a size 28, so I float between a size 4 and a size 5. I do usually order a size 5 when it comes to leggings instead of a size 4 because I don’t like when the elastic gets to too tight around my stomach. I work at a desk most of the day and the elastic can get pretty annoying. I will say on Torrid’s Core solid color leggings here  have a nice wide waistband and elastic, which I appreciate. It doesn’t fold onto itself, and always has nice recovery (snaps back into place after being stretched).

Do you have a favorite item you like to wear? Especially when it gets cold? What is it? I would love to know! Put a comment below! What to know what else I wear  with my leggings? Sign up on my mailing list!

Rock on!







Full Figured Fashion Week and The Curvy Con! 2016

Hello again and welcome to the work-a-holic chronicles- I mean The Koker Chronicles; the tales of a plus size workaholic, entrepreneur fashionista!

This year I had the pleasure of attending Full Figured Fashion week’s Celebrate My Size Expo, and The Curvy Con! Both events are held in NYC every june! I am not going to lie, its my favorite time of year! These events are not to be missed!

Well some of you may know, In my spare time I design and sell plus size hand made dresses. I was fortunate enough to be able to do a pop up shop at both of these amazing events.

First, I love NYC. There is something about that city that makes me feel like I have returned home. The familiar streets, fashion ave, cheap $1 pizza slices off 38th street, there is nothing quite like NYC. I return several times a year; sometimes do to a pop-up shop and other times to find fabrics and sometimes when I have a life and am not working (which is a rare occasion) I do find time to visit friends and have a glass of wine!

A few years ago at the Full Figured Fashion Week event in NYC, I met my friend and fabulous fashion blogger Farrah Estrella of the Estrella Fashion Report. She is an amazing fashion blogger, and a great friend. I am so happy to have met her in NYC. We started talking, and hit it off right away! And she is super sweet, she has even showed her support by purchasing a few of my hand made plus size dresses! Did I mention she looks kick ass in them? That’s a photo of us below!


Below is a photo of my floral scuba dress that sold out while I was doing pop up’s in NYC. Doesn’t it look great on Farrah?? Want to see what else I have? Check out my shop here!


On the day after I arrived in NYC, was the Full Figured Fashion Week Expo. This was an event hosted by Plus Model Magazine, Full Figured Fashion week and Fruit of the Loom! This is an event where you get to meet and greet various plus size brands and do some shopping! Big and small brands were there! Boots by Pamela, Yona New York, and of course, me, ASK Fashion!  There was also the main sponsor, Fit for Me, bu Fruit of the Loom. I must say they have a fantastic underwear line out (Fit for Me) and one of my favorite parts was getting free samples to try! And I must say, I love them!

Here are some more photos from the event!


One of my favorite things about attending these Expo’s and Conventions, is all the great bloggers, shoppers, friends and more that I get to meet there! There are so many inspirational women, all gathered in one place to come together and be fabulous. I saw shoppers of all shapes and sizes, all rocking their own personal styles and it was quite fun! Having gone a few times, I tend to run into people I know.

The next day, was The Curvy Con. Below is Jess Baker: The Militant Baker. She wrote an amazing book called “Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls” Check her out here! She is amazing and always so fun to see! I first her met her in Boston on her book tour! She had come by my local Lane Bryant in Braintree, and of course I had to meet her and buy her book! Her book is also awesome and full of truth and love!


This year was my first time at The Curvy Con. It was a two day event of friends, shopping, seminars and more! Sponsored by JC Penny, who just recently launched a new plus size ad campaign, that you gotta see! (Jess Baker, above, is in the campaign!) Check it out on youtube! JC Penny is also working with Project Runway winner, Ashley Nell Tipton, who is a brand ambassador that designed JC Pennys newest plus size brand addition, Boutque+.

Ashley Nell Tipton

My other favorite part of these amazing plus size events is all of the body love and positivity. I took a picture in front of the Curvy Cons Instagram wall. I loved it!


I also met Alysse Dalessandro from Ready to Stare (bottom left) And Emily Ho of Authentically Emmie-(bottom right) two amazing fashion bloggers that I have followed for a long time! Check out their blogs! Also, another wonderful woman I met last year during Full Figured Fashion Week, who also stared on the hit tv show, Big Women, Big Love. She is amazing, full of fun and laughter! Running into her is always a fun time; Sabrina Severance. (Top right). And of course, the two lovely ladies who are the creators of the Curvy Con- Chastity Garner of Garner Style, and Ce Ce Olisa, Plus Size Princess!


My absolute favorite part of participating in a Pop Up shop, is being able to meet and talk to fellow plus size fashionistas! I just love getting to know people, and hear what their needs and wants are, because after all we all want to be heard! I was so excited to see my customers light up with delight when they tried on one of my new hand made plus size dresses! They light up inside, just like I do when I am making them! Its an incredible feeling.What an amazing time! I can’t wait to go back next year!

Did you miss me in NYC?! Well don’t worry, I am participating in another Pop Up Shop in Boston Ma- during Boston Curvy Fashion Week on July 30th! Get your tickets here! Can’t wait? Check out my Etsy shop here!

So speaking of work-a-holic, I am also working on a new plus size jacket line, if you want to get in on that action, make sure you sign up here! Be the first to know when we launch, an exclusive behind the scenes look at building a plus size fashion company from the ground up.


Valentines Day, Shmalentines Day: Fun things to do this Valentines Day weekend!

Valentines Day, Shmalentines Day: Fun things to do this Valentines Day weekend!

I don’t know about you, but I can’t believe Valentines Day is right around the corner. It seems like New Years just happened! Time is flying by!

I have been searching the local scene for fun and interesting things to do this Valentines Day; single or taken, these adventures and things will sure make your day a special one!

Now I am not one for big expensive teddy bears and overpriced roses. To me, love is something that does not need to be shown on a day that society demands it to be. For me the special unexpected surprises mean 10000 times more then a crappy box of chocolates would on Valentine’s day. Those early morning coffee and breakfast in bed surprises, or late night ice cream, or spontaneous driving adventures, or a fresh bundle of flowers left on my night stand- those small things are the ones that mean the most.

Now- don’t get me wrong, don’t make the excuse to be a shut in this weekend (or do because it will literally be zero, yes 0 degrees this weekend)- But there are super fun, local,  and exciting things to do this Valentines weekend worth mentioning! If you want to brave the cold- look into my fabulous Valentines day/weekend Ideas below!

1.) The Get Mortified Live Show in Cambridge MA.

“Witness a night of adults telling stories about their lives by sharing their most mortifying childhood artifacts (diaries, letters, lyrics, poems, home movies)… in front of total strangers”

Human connection is the bonding experience that we all need! That is why Post Secret does so well- we all want to feel connected. What a great way to spend “Singles Awareness Day” then with other people who want to tell their mortifying stories! Go alone, or with a partner or friend and you will surely have a some laughs!

Get Mortified tickets here

2.) Paint Nite!

Never been to a Paint Nite? Single on Valentines Day and wanting to meet some other single ladies? This is the perfect place for you! Wine, dine and get artsy! Easy and fun painting instructions, and no experience needed! Just a fun night out! You even get to take home your masterpiece, and treasure it for always!! Fun paintings and locations to choose from all Valentines Day Weekend! Hurry- these tickets sell out quickly!

Paint Nite Tickets Here!

3.) Single Date Night “Netflix and Chill Style”

Who says you can’t “Netflix and Chill” by yourself! I don’t know about you, but a big bottle of wine and some alcoholic ice cream is a night to look forward too- that and Netflix! A new line of Alcoholic Ice Cream, called Tipsy Scoop is now available at your local Daddy’s Dairy!

If Daddy’s Dairy wasn’t already awesome enough with its 3 locations (Stoughton, Brockton and Randolph MA) and their offerings of over 200 soft serve flavors, now they have this amazing Adult Made Ice Cream! Flavor shown below is Strawberry Chocolate Martini Kisses- pair that up with a box of chocolates and a bottle of “Fridays Brand” Mudslide and you’re in business! Who says you can’t spoil yourself on Valentines Day! Treating yourself to a lovely romantic night is just what the doctor ordered!

Have a Hubby? There is plenty of this alcoholic ice cream to share! Just don’t fight over the remote!

More ice cream

4.) Naked at the Art Museum Scavenger Hunt

What a lovely night at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston MA! This is not an episode of “Dating Naked”- Actually this is a version of Watson Adventure’s scavenger hunt! Risqué works of art and nude statues are on the scavenger list! Discover this amazing museum with a friend, or you significant other for a lovely and fun night at the museum!

$40, Friday, February 13, 6:30 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday, February 14 and 15, 1 p.m., Museum of Fine Arts, 465 Huntington Ave., Boston,

5.) Boston Wine School

Love and Chocolate? I think Yes! Explore chocolate and wine pairings, and dinner at this local Boston Wine School! A Saturday night event is perfect. I mean what’s more perfect then chocolate and wine anyway? Take your friends or your significant other- chocolate and wine- hell yes!

When:  Saturday, February 13, 6:30pm-9:30pm Boston Wine School, 1354 

Get your tickets here

6.) How to be Single- The Movie!

A movie is never out of style on Valentines Day, or any Friday night for that matter! Grab your girl friends and get ready for a belly full of laughs with this comedy hitting this screens today! Rebel Wilson is a total rock star- not just as a body positive advocate who recently launched a plus size clothing line with Torrid, but is a fabulous actress and hilarious to watch! You won’t want to miss this movie! Check your local movie theatre for listings!

Get your Braintree MA tickets here!- This AMC theatre has RECLINING/assigned Seating! Very very comfortable, and you don’t have to rush to try to get seats! Honestly there is no other way to go to the movies!

Just a few local ideas of how to spend this Valentines Day weekend! Whatever you do, stay warm and have fun! Speaking of the cold weather, did you know I am currently working on an exclusive plus size fashion jacket line? Get in the know! Sign up today!

Stay Classy my friends!




Halestorm at Rock On the Range- Ohio!

First off I want to say Hello! And thanks for reading my blog! This past weekend was the epic event Rock On the Range in Ohio! Unfortunately I have never been, but have always wanted to go. This years line up was pretty amazing and I would have loved to be there. I LOVE rock and roll because you know what, sometimes it just feels good to get angry and feel passionate, and to just scream and feel alive. Below is one of my favorite bands Halestorm- with my review and thoughts about  what they mean to me, to music, to fashion and to the world.

Lets dive deeper shall we:


“Halestorm is an American hard rock band from Red Lion Pennsylvania, consisting of lead vocalist and guitarist Lzzy Hale, her brother drummer and percussionist Arejay Hale, guitarist Joe Hottinger and bassist Josh Smith. The group’s self titled debut album was released on April 28, 2009, through Atlantic Records. Their second album The Strange Case of..was released on April 10, 2012. Its lead single “Love Bites (So Do I)” from that album won their first Grammy Award for Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance on February 10, 2013″.- SOURCE WIKIPEDIA”

Wanted to make sure you had some background. Lzzy Hale is pretty incredible. Like other Rock Star chicks trying to make waves in a male dominated industry she for sure kicks ass and takes names. I have personally see her play live (when she toured in Avenged Sevenfold back in 2011) and she had a great show! I particularly like her recent song- “Freak like me” – which she played at Rock on the Range. I watched a televised version via AXS channel- on Direct TV. #Freaklikeme

Below I have listed the lyrics to “Freak Like Me”- one of my all time favorite songs from Halestorm. If I was to dissect the lyrics this is how I would go about it. Going for the first line that sticks out to me is “making most of the ride before we get arrested”. I like this a lot, because we should make the most of our “ride” our journey- this life; as we only get this one. We wouldn’t be doing ourselves any justice or favors if we didn’t make the most of it. Let’s live freely and openly- the life we choose to live.

The next line..” Covered in black, we lack the social graces”; black meaning a shadow of doubt or literally the black clothing that rock and roll is known for- take it as you will. But I like to think of it more as a dark shadow; wearing black as a un-literal sense of disguise. The term “black sheep” comes to mind here- especially as she continues..” lacks the social graces”. I would interpret this as being society’s reject. Not fitting in, not abiding by the “social grace or standard” that is expected of me as a member of society. I never said I wanted to fit in- and I don’t- this line is perfect.

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE- “They can’t tame us/ So if you’re one of us, get on the bus”- This speaks to me on an even bigger level. Not only Is Lzzy Hale implying that “we” cannot be tamed (so don’t bother)- But she offers to us a feeling of membership- “So if your one of us”. That is SOO important because she is creating a community of “freaks” (as she calls them)- but of all of us. I interpret that as, – those of us who don’t belong- we belong together; just as we are; freaks like her (me). Acceptance through difference; it is exactly what I believe- (we also as in ASK FASHION)- Fashion, & acceptance in general through difference.

Next- “If you’re a freak like me/ Wave your flag!…. It’s our time now/ To let it all hang out” I just love this too. I love it simply because she brings us to her level. She- Lzzy Hale is “one of us”, and we belong with her- “freak like me”. She not only understands, she encourages and brings together those of us who want to stand out- she is not above us- but one of us- and there is such an important difference. She belongs to her fans, like we belong to her- one cannot exist without the other. Together- we are family- Freaks like me.

The second half- “It’s our time now/To let it all hang out”. I could not have said it better myself- it is for sure “our time”. We “let it all hang out”- in the sense of not only being present, but standing out- exactly as we are- “letting it all hang out”. For the fashion community there has never been a more perfect time for Plus Size Fashion- to be apart of something much bigger than just myself- this is a movement- this is my life and the time is now. “We” the Plus Size Fashion community are here to stay. Not only are we here- but we want you to notice us.

The next few.. “you were born to burn..”- this I particularly like because no one said this life would be an easy one. Someone once said to me- you have to burn to shine. Burn in the sense of working for it- working for the life you want, getting through your hurdles, obstacles whatever is in your way and overcoming it. Born- I like that she uses this word- Born because it implies that I was made to take this challenge; this life on, that this was the path I was made to pursue, and not only will I pursue it, but I will get through it and achieve because I was born to succeed. But, not without hard work, perseverance  tenacity and skill.

I love this too -” This is no disease you don’t need a cure”- I take this in the freak membership sense (ignoring medical completely because this is NOT what I am talking about) what I am trying to describe is a sense of who I am and who you are as people- being a “Freak” is not a disease- and Lzzy is right- you DON’T need a cure- because there is nothing to cure. Whether I am a size 6 or a size 26- I am who I am, despite what my jean label says. And I proudly say I am a freak.

Now on to the next..”We’re underground but we will not surrender/ We’re gonna give them something to remember, yeah/ So write your name in gasoline/And set that shit on fire” I love this lyric because it reminds me of the plus size industry as well- what started underground has continued to grow, and we will not surrender until we accomplish what we set out to do. And- not only will we continue to fight on- but we will “give them something to remember”- I LOVE that. Not only do I (and me as ASK FASHION) want to continue the good fight- but I want you to remember me- remember and know the person and people behind the brand- making your clothes, and transforming lives. I love the picture that Lzzy paints in our heads- writing our names in gasoline and setting it on fire- what a perfect image. That is exactly what we tend to you. (How appropriate she mentions burning in her earlier lyric, and her she is- burning her name for you to remember- how perfect!) *Nice job Lzzy*

And last but not least.. “Don’t apologize/ They can’t hold you down/ you were born to rise!” I must say I love this the most- and I couldn’t agree more. I make (and the brand) NO apologizes for who we are or how we feel. I am unapologetic about re-shoring American manufacturing, supporting the American economy, forming relationships and sustainability. “They can’t hold you down/ You were born to rise!”. I also love this because it reflects that struggle- of being “held down” in a sense. But she reminds us- that we got this- that we have to keep fighting- because (we) “were born to rise!”. You have to keep fighting. And you don’t need to apologize for just being you. I as sure as hell won’t apologize. Take me, or leave it. You have two choices. I am going to rise, and so are you. Keep fighting, if your a #freaklikeme! Rock on ladies!

Freak like Me Lyrics– courtesy of

I’m on the train that’s pullin’ the sick and twisted,
Makin’ the most of the ride before we get arrested,
We’re all wasted,
And we’re not going home tonight

Covered in black we lack the social graces,
Just like an animal we crawl out of our cages,
They can’t tame us,
So if you’re one of us, get on the bus

If you’re a freak like me,
Wave your flag!
If you’re a freak like me,
Get off your ass!
It’s our time now,
To let it all hang out

So shout if you’re a freak like me,
You were born to burn,
This is no disease you don’t need a cure!
It’s our time now to come out!
If you’re a freak like me!
If you’re a freak like me!

We’re underground but we will not surrender,
We’re gonna give them something to remember, yeah,
So write your name in gasoline,
And set that shit on fire

So shout if you’re a freak like me,
Don’t apologize,
They can’t hold you down,
You were born to rise!
It’s our time now to come out!

If you’re a freak like me
If you’re a freak like me
Are you a freak like me?
Are you a freak, like, me?!

So shout if you’re a freak like me,
Don’t apologize,
They can’t hold you down,
You were born to rise!
It’s our time now to come out!
If you’re a freak like me!
If you’re a freak like me!
If you’re a freak like me!
If you’re a freak like me!
If you’re a freak like me!

Ⓒ ASK Fashion LLC & Ⓒ Rose Riot

We are in this together..

Hello and thanks for coming to read my blog! I have a lot to say today about business, people, business culture, and more, so bare with me this might be a bit long.

In the spirit of transparency, I want you to know that I also work full time at said “Day Job” to support my pursuit of making ASK Fashion a reality. As they say, it takes money to make money, and its true. However I am learning important lessons at my day job that will for sure have their influence on how I conduct business with ASK FASHION. Most of these “lessons” are taken as “what NOT to do”.. as opposed to “what to do”- but more on that later.

As I begin to refer to “WE” I mean- the USA as a whole. There is a bigger picture here; a picture of corporate greed, the bottom line and a total lack of apathy & empathy. The problem I see here is the lack of caring about people; about each other. Since when did things change, that all we care about is ourselves? And all people seem to care about is tearing each other down, instead of building people up? I just don’t get it. This has always bothered me and it just doesn’t make sense.

What is more interesting is the entire chain is effected; in turn we are only hurting ourselves and we don’t even know it. ” We”As a country, we have stopped investing in our people- our education system. On a grander scale, the entire problem starts there.

We are all riding the same bus of life together, we just all have different seats. We are in this together whether we like it or not. At what point did we start hurting instead of helping?

One of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite TV shows of all time- The Walking Dead- one of the main characters Glen says- “We can make it together.. but we can ONLY make it together”. When I heard that, that went right into my heart. More then just surviving the zombie apocalypse- but just living on this planet as people- we will need to work together to survive and to thrive. We will accomplish much more and only better ourselves and each other. By the time we realize this as a society- it will be too late.

Reflecting on the recent 20 lay offs from my day job in the last 6 months, ( but 17 being the  most recent) it really makes me wonder. Is it really always only about the money? Trying to fix your corporate mistakes by laying off people- unfortunately it’s story that is told over and over again. I don’t see any upper management reaching into their own pockets to fix the problem.

Given the opportunity, I would have gladly not taken a pay raise, and knew I would help my friend keep her job.  No apparently- its easier to just lay off part of the work force. Quite frankly-we are pretty lean as far as employees go; I just can’t see where they can continue to make cuts. It seems like the mindset has changed from quality to quantity. Get as much as you can for as little as possible- and honestly it sickens me. If you have 10 people doing the job of 20, at some point something is going to give.

Company culture comes from the TOP down. Not pointing the blame, as management would so eagerly do themselves- but waking up and coming to work each day, not sure if I will still have my job the next day- is not job security; its ruling through fear. And its a problem. Fear of losing my job won’t make me work harder as a worker- but (as studies show)- just do enough to not lose my job.

And I will be damned if I will let anyone control my fate other than me.

And that’s where ASK Fashion comes in. Starting my own company, and especially my own fashion brand put me in a position to honestly ask myself a lot of questions.

Part of my, and ASK Fashions core values is always putting people first. Always. Not just helping to re-shore American manufacturing and production, but to help invest in people. Investing in Americans, in their education and in their work. One day, helping to provide and teach sewing skills, and production management, all while maintaining ethic and moral working and living standards.

I won’t quite touch upon work ethics, as that is another topic for another post, but it is VERY important to me, and to ASK FASHION. Morals before money. People first. I want to know I am helping my company support not only themselves but each other. There is a saying, taking care of yourself, takes care of more than yourself; while I think that’s true, but helping to take care of others, will also help you take care of yourself as well. We can make it together, but we can ONLY make it together.

What are your thoughts? What would you change if you could? What would you do differently? I would LOVE to hear-

Stay Classy!


Ⓒ ASK Fashion LLC & Ⓒ Rose Riot

The Story of the Pink Converses!


Well not quite yet! 8 more days until spring!! I am so ready for spring. I imagine every person living in New England would have the same feeling- hating the winter, the snow and the ice and ready to move on into spring! Flowers, sunshine, ice cream, fun shoes, leather jackets, crop pants- ohh I cant wait! I am already rocking my pink converse shoes!

There is a story behind these shoes! Last summer I was honored to be invited to showcase my debut plus size collection at Full Figure Fashion Week- NYC! That was a very surreal experience. More on that later. So last summer I took the train- Amtrak- the best!- Into NYC. Only a little of 4hrs of a ride- so no tooo bad. Luckily the hotel I was staying at was basically across the street from Penn Station. I lugged my 50lbs suitcase (the biggest, most stuffed suitcase you could imagine) across the street in 80 degree weather and checked into the hotel.

The day I arrived I was scheduled to do a small press conference only a few hours after arriving- so I ditched my big bag at the check in desk- since I couldn’t check in yet since it was too early- and being prepared- I removed my smaller press kit bag and went on my way.

What I failed to realize that day was the press conference was at least 10 blocks away. It was 80 degrees and I was dying. So I strut those 10 blocks and got to the conference on time. Yay! However I could already tell the nice wedge sandals I wore (which I thought would be OK!) were already causing me problems. During the press conference we did not have seats- so I  stood another few hours on my poor feet! Ouch!

By the time I left my feet were throbbing and I had blisters the size of pancakes!! Ouch!! So I walked to the closest shoe store possible and bought a new pair of shoes! These were my new pink converses!! Paid too much for them- but I was desperate- the only problem was these shoes were new and needed to be broken in- thus now causing a new problem of ripping open the back of my foot! My feet were a hot mess. Needless to say I only wore my converses the rest of the week! (And only slipped on some heels when I walked on the runway with my collection!)

Lesson learned!! Now all broken in I LOVE my pink converse! They are the best!

What fashion lessons have you learned in the past? What item of fashion was it? I would love to hear from you!!!!  -ASK

Ⓒ ASK Fashion LLC & Ⓒ Rose Riot

Style Week North East- Fall 2015 “We are taking over!!”

Wooo!! We made it! The show is over!!

Better late then never! I hope you were able to come to the Biltmore Hotel in Providence RI- on 2/16/15 and see my fashion show presentation of Fall/Winter 2015, entitled- WE ARE TAKING OVER!! If not- don’t worry! Watch it here!

Let me start off with saying- I love London and England! I don’t know why, maybe I was a royal in my past life, but I love English history, especially from the tutor era. I also went through this punk rock phase when I was 13 (what 13 yr old doesn’t). I still have a punk rock side of me as an adult- I just think its a little more refined- no so much into the black make up any more. Ha!

I couldnt have choosen a better punk rock setting then that of London, England! Woo!! I have always loved the look of the Union jack. There is just something about it; its complicated and yet logical. I am not sure why I am so obsessed with it. But I like it. Anyway, so I took all those things and decided to combine them into my inspiration for this season.

For my color pallet, I am not going to lie- purple is my favorite color. So when I stumbled upon this brilliant purple plaid- I just couldnt get enough. And plaid was on my mind and perfectly fit into my collection theme- it was meant to be. Part of my process sometimes involve just shopping around for the right fabric and letting it speak to me. Other times, I have a binder full of sketches. It really depends on the collection- but most times ifs a happy combination of both things. Going along with the punk rock theme I wanted to keep the pallet dark- so I choose white, black and dark heathered grey.

I choose the title “We are taking Over!” because that is exactly how I feel the fashion industry is dealing with this budding and exploding plus size segment of the market. We are in deed taking over! And we are here to stay! And there is nothing wrong with that! Its about time the market started paying attention! And that is exactly why i started my brand and company- this was missing in the market. My voice was missing. But we are here and we will be heard together! Together we can succeed.

All you need to do.. is ASK! Here we are!

Most of the looks from the fall collection will be here available for purchase.

I would LOVE to hear from you!! What did you think of my show? Be Honest! Its OK, and I am not everyone’s cup of tea- that’s OK- but I wouldn’t want to be. Love it? Hate it? Let me know!

Is there something missing? What would you have liked to see? Comment below! I won’t bite- I promise!


Ⓒ ASK Fashion LLC & Ⓒ Rose Riot