Ohh give me the beat boys and free my soul.. I want to get lost in your rock and roll..


Sorry its been a while! I cannot believe it is already September! Where did the time go? Where did the summer go? I am ready for leather jackets, combat boots, scarves, hats, gloves, shawls, sweatshirts and more! Fall is my favorite time of year. There is something about the way that fall smells, that pumpkin spice, the dying leaves it just fills me. Though I will admit I am not a huge pumpkin spice fan, as much as I am a Gingerbread latte fan- but that’s more in the holiday season- not rushing that! Well I would love a Gingerbread coffee right now, but I guess I can wait.

What I really intended to write about besides my clear coffee obsession is music. You’ll notice the title of this post is song lyrics from Bob Seger’s song “I want to get lost in your Rock N’ Roll”. That’s truly how I feel about rock and roll music in general. Its in the moment of venting frustration, pain and struggle- and knowing that other people (usually the artist) is speaking the words you thought were only in your head; that these feeling were specific to you. That’s the thing- they’re not, and its wonderful. Other people have gone through the exact same thing- the struggle that it is to be human. Sometimes it just feels good screaming song lyrics in my car.

Lately my personal and professional life has been draining me dry- bringing me to the point of exhaustion. But what has gotten me through- (a thank you to my friends, family and boyfriend who are my constant rock and support)- but on a more personal level- that time when its just you and your thoughts; what has gotten me through is the music. It always has been the music. It “frees my soul.. I want to get lost in your Rock N’ Roll and drift away..”.

A new song I discovered from a recent favorite artist is “Fighter” by In this Moment. Listen here.

The song lyrics that stick out to me the most are:

“I will fall and rise above
And in your hate I find love
‘Cause I’m a survivor
Yeah, I am a fighter

I will not hide my face
I will not fall from grace
I’ll walk into the fire, baby

All my life
I was afraid to die
And now I come alive inside these flames”

I pick these lyrics in particular because what speaks to me is surviving; rising above. Someone once told me, (in reference to being a star) that you must burn to shine. I thought this was appropriate to both how I feel and the visualization of fire in these lyrics.

As a plus size woman, I often find the rejection from society so in my face 24/7 there is no escape from it. Especially with todays technology- its so easily assessable around the clock; its almost suffocating at times. I mean look at the you tube post that recently went viral- “Dear Fat People” is all I will say- I mean look how easy it is for people to just spew hatred, especially on such a public platform; its disgusting.

This is where those lyrics become true for me.. “In your hate, I find love”. I give a thousand kudos to those women putting themselves out there and publicly taking this hate- someone like Whitney Way Thore. Good for her- she’s honestly more brave then I would be. It takes balls to be out in the public eye and say “Fuck you guys, I am who I am, take it or leave it” (not that she said those words), but she doesn’t have to. Actions will always speak louder then words. And not for nothing, but I don’t see anyone else who comments or criticizes stepping up to the plate. Its easy to be bold behind a screen. I think its cowardly. Whitney has all my support and I cannot wait for her second season of “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” to air. It takes courage to be a symbol and get out there. What I love most about her is her realness and her positive attitude- her platform #NoBodyShameCampaign You Rock on Girl!

I love ITM next lines “I will not hide my face/ I will not fall from grace”. I love love love this because its again exactly how I feel. Despite what you might think of me (or anyone else) as a plus size person- I will still always be here, and I will NOT hide my face. You have a problem with me? That’s YOUR problem, not mine. I am a firm believer in self reliance and responsibility. ITM’s next line ” I will not fall from grace” I just love even more, because to me it means no matter what shit you have to say about me, or what you think of me has NO power over me. I yield my own results, and no one else. If I “fall from grace” it will be because of me, and not you. YOU and only YOU determine your fate. Your choices will determine your outcome; no one else’s. And if you don’t choose for yourself, you let someone choose for you. You give up your voice. I say, Fuck that! I have a lot to say! I will not be silenced and neither should you.

“I will walk into the fire”- this next line- is embracing this journey.  Knowing what lies ahead and walking through the flames anyway. Having the balls to know what you want and to go for it. Only you have the power to shape you. You are all that matters. Every day I work on loving myself, and who I see in the mirror. From P!NK’s lyrics (Fuckin’ Perfect)- I will “change the voices in (my) head, make them like you, instead”. Its true. The only voice you control in your head is yours. There will always be people telling you what to think and what to do- but YOU need to decide for You! You make that choice. Take control.

“All my life/ I was afraid to die/ And now I come alive inside these flames” This is perfect. (And not dying in the literal sense here people). All my life, I was afraid- those lyrics are true. Growing up you become afraid of not fitting it, of being the outcast, of being called the fat girl. I felt the same things, I am not different than you. But- and this is important- because I embrace my inner freak, embrace my life and my journey- I not only “come alive” but I thrive! You walk into the fire, and come alive inside the flames. Its all about change. To me, its about letting go, and allowing yourself to transform and change into the woman you were born to become.

I don’t mean to sound preachy here- but this song, Rock N’ Roll in general for me, is empowering. Screaming these lyrics in my car on my ride home from my day job, gets me through the day. I scream sometimes to just feel alive; to say I am here. And it feels good. Let it go- release all this energy that’s building up inside. Decide for yourself how you feel and what you want. Don’t ever let anyone tell you your not enough. Or that your not this or not that; its always something. Why does it seem always so hard to find the people who want to help you instead of wanting to hurt you.

This is again one of my philosophies. We can make it together. There is already some much hatred in this world, so much shame and blame. There is no need for any of this. And down to my core I don’t understand the need women feel to tear each other down. I truly can’t understand. If women as a whole knew just how powerful we were together, we would be unstoppable. Its recognizing that inner power and using it, and not letting anyone take it away from  you. It never hurts to help. We will make it together because “I’m a survivor/ yeah I am a fighter” and so are you. The fight isn’t easy. But if its worth fighting- never stop. You ARE worth fighting for. Don’t anyone ever tell you otherwise.

I want to hear from you! What do you think? Who inspires you? What music gets you through your day? Shout out in a comment below! Thanks for reading!

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The 1st Annual Boston Curvy Fashion Week 2015!

Woo! Welcome back to the fabulous blog of me and my ventures with ASK Fashion!

This past weekend was the very 1st annual Boston Curvy Fashion Week! Woo! I was sooo excited that my own home town had finally jumped onto the plus size fashion scene.

The Boston Curvy Fashion Week- was actually a weekend- and took place over 4 days; Thursday through Sunday. The first event was the Media and Press event that was held at UFORGE Gallery in Boston. It’s a small gallery that has local art work. It took me a few minutes to find it, and then find walking distance parking. Luckily I found a spot I could park where I didn’t have to pay. It was a beautiful night that night; not that I ended up walking far. (Basically through a Dunkin Donuts parking lot)

The event took place for a few hours that night. The team introduced themselves and gave an over view of the run of events that weekend. They even called on me to give a little speech about ASK Fashion; which was cool but totally unexpected. We mingled and had light snacks- they even had a Instagram board to take large selfies in. It was cool. See my picture below.

What is cool about these kind of events, is even though they are on the smaller attendance side- the people who you get to talk to are sometimes people you have been following for a while on the internet. Which is cool- I like being able to meet someone I have been following online for a long period of time. I’m like- OH OK now I know who you are! Which I like; sometimes we get caught up in this digital age that we forget the joys of actually spending time with people: in person, and not via computer screen.

The next day- Friday- was the Curvy Night Experience Party. This event had vendors- which you could see and do some shopping and have fun! This was at the Boston Common Hotel and Conference Center- right next to the Back Bay Train Station (Near Copley). This made my commute easy- AND the parking garage was literally right next to the hotel- and I mean like 20 steps from garage to hotel. I was glad I found that out the first next- as I was schlepping all of my vendor table set up with me that night. If I was only attending the event I probably would have taken the train- but I was a vendor and I did a runway show on Saturday- so taking my car to carry all of the garments, combat boots etc seemed like the best option.

The Curvy Night Experience went well! What I love about vendor events too is being able to display all of my garments for people to touch and see. Sometimes it’s about the feel of the fabric, and the look of when you try it on. It’s so hard to shop online it’s much easier to see for yourself what fabric feels like, how it drapes, what color it really is- first, before purchasing. Coming to the ASK Fashion Pop-Up shop is for sure the best way to try on all of my current fashion line.

However I do have an easy return policy; for those who can’t travel and need to purchase online! Don’t worry! I aim to please! But I do understand the need to shop in person as well. See below some of my garments I had for sale on my clothing rack. All are available here! If you read this far- use code BCFWeek15 for 15% off your purchase! Woo! Coupons! Who doesn’t love a coupon!

Speaking of- if your missed Boston Fashion Week and will be in the Baltimore MD area this coming weekend (July 31st-August 2nd) I will be at Curves Rock Weekend!! I will have another Pop-Up shop! Come on by and see me! I love taking pictures and getting feedback and talking to you! That again is one of the best parts of the events; is talking to people and really getting to know you! I love to hear your stories, opinions, shopping woes and hopes! It really helps me out; not only as a designer but as another plus size consumer. See below for the Curves Rock Flyer! Come by and see my table!

I even decided to get in front of the camera myself, and take photos of me (size 26) in my own line! I think more retailers need to shop more “Real” women in their clothing. The wonderful models who are 5’ 10” and a size 14/16 are fabulous- but sometimes it doesn’t help me out- a size 26 and 5’ 5” woman. I am all about real representation! If you’re in the Boston Area and would like to model for ASK Fashion- please send me an e-mail! I am ALWAYS looking for new models! Email me at askfashion90@gmail.com

The vendor event went well. I closed up shop a few minutes ahead of schedule; I was starving, and I had to get ready for the runway show Saturday morning! I did have the pleasure of meeting Dressing Room 8’s Natasha Nurse; who I got a bite to eat after the event Friday night! I love talking to people! I really do- I am a chatter box, I think sometimes I can’t stop talking!

Anyway- Saturday was the Curves are Coming Runway Show! This was held again at the Boston Common Hotel and Conference Center. Really easy to get to. All the models showed up ahead of time- getting their hair and make-up done. I brought all 11 pairs of combat boots! A few of my models brought their own kick ass combat boots- which went perfect with the collection! I re-showcased my fall/winter collection that was previously shown at Style Week North East. This collection was a darker color pallet, all about British Punk Rock and a Kick Ass attitude. The collection was entitled “We are Taking Over”; plus size fashion is here and we are taking over the industry. We are kicking ass and taking names and we are here to stay.

That’s truly how I feel. The standardized fashion industry can suck it. I have never been any less than a double digit my entire life, and though its now a little easier to find clothing- there is nothing really on the market that caters to me and what I want… AND that helps to support American Manufacturing. Fashion is a global business, but I feel it is vital and important to understand exactly where our clothing is coming from; who is making it, where is the fabric being woven, what the clothing history is. Being made in the USA is a very important and un-negotiable part of ASK Fashion. When you buy from ASK- you buy from me; a piece of my heart and soul that has been carefully cherished and nurtured from my head and heart through a transparent and sustainable supply chain. I don’t mean to sound preachy here- but it means a lot to me.

At the end of the day- you get what you pay for. ASK Fashion is an investment; it’s an acknowledgement that we need to help support American design and manufacturing, and that we are where our clothing comes from; and we look kick ass while we do it. It’s about investing in each other. ASK Fashion is quality garments made from the best fabrics. My clothing doesn’t cost $4, but it’s not going to fall apart the first time you wash it either. ASK is an investment- in our country and in ourselves (and in ME!) You won’t find anything else on the market like it. This is how I feel and what I and ASK Fashion stand for. Take it or leave it.

Sorry to get on a tangent- back to the showcase. I want to point out- this is solely from my (designer) perspective of the show, so I don’t have the full details of the events, as I was participating in the event, and not watching. The models did a good job kicking ass and taking names down the runway. My finale model Nina even strutted her stuff down the runway on the sprained ankle- now that’s dedication! Nina is a rockstar! We even had time to do impromptu photo shoots on the stairs, in the elevator and outside on their little patio.

The girls did great, and my song- “Prisoner of Society” by the Living Dead- I thought was appreciate, and it got everyone in the kick ass mood. It was very catchy. I am not going to lie- I totally listened to it on repeat on my drive home after the show. I just couldn’t get enough!

All in all the show went decently smoothly. There were a few acts in between each show case- (not sure what those were- as I was back stage getting my ladies ready).  For the first time putting on a series of events like this- I think they did a decent job. It’s a lot to take on, and its way more than it seems. I do think some improvements can be made- like more lighting on the runway- but again for the first run- it wasn’t bad at all.

Were you in the audience? I would love to know what you thought of the show? Did you attend any of the other events?

Leave a comment below- I would like to know what you think!

Thanks! Woo!-A

ASK Fashion At Full Figured Fashion Week 2015!

First I want to say hello again, and welcome back to my blog! This is the ramblings of a quirky 25 year old on this crazy journey known as life as a plus size fashion designer and entrepreneur! It is quite a ride let me tell you! Today I am highlighting my experience at the infamous Full Figured Fashion Week in NYC.

This year Full Figured Fashion Week had many sponsors- the biggest sponsor was Fruit of the Loom- who launched a new plus size, and new fit underwear line. I just want to say those ladies were AMAZING and I literally have a least 60 new pairs of underwear! (And I must say they are fabulous thus far!- microfiber being my favorite!)

There were several events held that week- all which were fabulous!

The first I attended was the buyer/press conference that was held on Tuesday June 16th. I got to meet a lot a awesome people! I had a little table set up, with my business cards, portfolio, pictures and logo. It was really cool. This event is the first time you really get a chance to talk to anyone (well, it was for me, as this was the first event I was attending). See below a picture of my little table!

I am also currently obsessed with panoramic views! See the picture below of the entire room! So cool!

It was an awesome event! I got to meet up with a few friends of mine! It was a really nice meet and greet moment- a perfect beginning to the week!

In between- there were seminar type events going on as well. One of the best parts of FFFweek is all the amazing people you get to meet. I met up with friends I made last year, and made even more new friends this year! After a business event that we held- we all went and got lunch together! Sharing experiences, swapping stories and advise- it was amazing. There are so many women out there, business owners, designers, models, editors, etc and they have so much to share- its quite incredible. I must say- one of the things that makes FFFweek so special, is that it is a space where women are just helping each other up and through; such a supportive group.

The next day was my favorite day- it was the day of the white boat cruise! The fitting for the designers and models takes place during the day- but the all white boat cruise is my favorite evening festivity! The fitting went well- as it usually does; the models are fantastic and prepared! It went pretty smoothly, with only a few minor adjustments. Needle and thread in hand!

Right after the fitting, its a mad dash back to the hotel- to get ready for the boat cruise! This year I was running late- as usual- and I couldn’t hail a cab for the life of me! I was so afraid I was going to miss the boat- I ended up getting a ride from a bucket bike driver! He was so nice, and to his word- he got me from 37th, down to Pier 41 in just under 15 minutes! If I had taken a cab, I would have missed the boat!

My bike peddler was really funny and made the trip really fun! So needless to say I got there in time! And even had time to spare! While we waited I found friends of mine, other designers, models etc and took pictures! They even had a fake Instagram picture frame to take pictures in!

I mean take a look at our bad ass boat!

This boat was really kick ass! It had 4 floors, and you could look down onto the dance floor from the second balcony floor! Just look at how kick ass this view is!!

Luckily it didn’t rain- although is was VERY windy that day! My friends nicknamed me Marilyn, because my white dress had a life of its own, and just would not stay in place! The wind would blow and skirt of my dress went up with it! Haha- luckily I was with a very awesome group of inspiring women, who just had a great time! We all had a good laugh! I met up again with Karen Ward and her Husband- of “Her Big Sister’s Closet” up in Canada, and with Madeline Jones of Plus Model Magazine! They were nice enough to take a picture with me! wooo!

Thursday was a nice quiet day. My boyfriend came to the city to support me, and of course to go to our favorite restaurant to celebrate our 4th anniversary! Woo! Our favorite restaurant is a small place called Ninja. It is amazing! A little on the pricey side, but we only go once a year. If you have never been, I highly suggest it! They have an underground/ ninja like atmosphere and all the waiters play the part of ninjas. Each table has a little cubby type place, with sliding wood doors for a little bit of privacy. Its hilarious! The waiters come out of no where and scare the crap out of you! Its really a great time!

After ordering dinner, one of the “ninjas” who is really a magician comes to entertain you for a bit. And I must say, the last few times we have been the magicians have been incredible! We always give them a good tip, and one magician, (all are wearing sleeveless shirts btw)- made a potato come out of thin air. But really- he did- I couldn’t logically figure it out, and it was a real potato- I held it in my hand after. I was like- holy shit!

I just love this picture of the lantern that sits outside Ninja. From the outside it literally just looks like a door. When you step in, you meet a hostess, that brings you to the elevator, and you descend down into the little ninja world. Its quite an experience. This is in NYC, down in the Tribeca area.

Then it was Friday! Show Day!

Photo By Farrah Estrella

That’s me! I love that I now get to say- that I am wearing an ASK Fashion Dress. How cool is that?!? I finally get to wear my own brand! The coolest part I think is seeing my company name in the label. That was surreal.

The entire experience of FFFweek is surreal- as it goes by so fast! You prepare for months to get ready for the once a year fabulous week! And then its over! I can’t believe its already been a month since I was in NYC! Like honestly, where did the time go?

The fashion showcase went by quickly. This year- Gwen Devoe- the fearless leader and kick ass fashionista of FFFweek- made things a little different this year. This year, all the designers were interviewed right before the collections walked down the runway. That was pretty cool- and really exciting. Your in such a state of euphoria that you feel like your floating. Honestly its the best feeling in the world.

And then its over! So exhausted after the show- we hauled ourselves back to the hotel! Thanks to Fruit of the Loom- the main sponsor of FFFweek- I walked away with at least 60+ new pairs of underwear. Not only did we get new pairs in the gift bags from the showcase- (my parents and grandparents each got a bag filled with underwear) but I was given even more underwear at the vendor event earlier in the week! I am happy to say, we found homes for almost all of the underwear- many different ladies are happy; as we received many different sizes.

We finished our NYC trip on Saturday- at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. My boyfriend and I spent almost 6 hours! And we barely finished the first floor! We have to go back to explore the upstairs portion. However we did stumble upon the fashion exhibit “Through the Looking Glass: China”.

It was AMAZING! Below is the Buddha dress! This dress was in the center of the room. On the edges of the room were many different types of Buddha-esque statues. It was pretty damn cool.

The trip to NYC was truly an amazing experience! What a blast! I still cannot believe its been a month since we were there! How fast it comes and goes!

They have already announced the dates for FFFweek 2016! Mark your calendars now! See you next year!

Were you at any of the events? Which events did you enjoy the most? Have you been to NYC? What other kinds of events have you been too? I would love to know!

Stay Classy!


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Halestorm at Rock On the Range- Ohio!

First off I want to say Hello! And thanks for reading my blog! This past weekend was the epic event Rock On the Range in Ohio! Unfortunately I have never been, but have always wanted to go. This years line up was pretty amazing and I would have loved to be there. I LOVE rock and roll because you know what, sometimes it just feels good to get angry and feel passionate, and to just scream and feel alive. Below is one of my favorite bands Halestorm- with my review and thoughts about  what they mean to me, to music, to fashion and to the world.

Lets dive deeper shall we:


“Halestorm is an American hard rock band from Red Lion Pennsylvania, consisting of lead vocalist and guitarist Lzzy Hale, her brother drummer and percussionist Arejay Hale, guitarist Joe Hottinger and bassist Josh Smith. The group’s self titled debut album was released on April 28, 2009, through Atlantic Records. Their second album The Strange Case of..was released on April 10, 2012. Its lead single “Love Bites (So Do I)” from that album won their first Grammy Award for Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance on February 10, 2013″.- SOURCE WIKIPEDIA”

Wanted to make sure you had some background. Lzzy Hale is pretty incredible. Like other Rock Star chicks trying to make waves in a male dominated industry she for sure kicks ass and takes names. I have personally see her play live (when she toured in Avenged Sevenfold back in 2011) and she had a great show! I particularly like her recent song- “Freak like me” – which she played at Rock on the Range. I watched a televised version via AXS channel- on Direct TV. #Freaklikeme

Below I have listed the lyrics to “Freak Like Me”- one of my all time favorite songs from Halestorm. If I was to dissect the lyrics this is how I would go about it. Going for the first line that sticks out to me is “making most of the ride before we get arrested”. I like this a lot, because we should make the most of our “ride” our journey- this life; as we only get this one. We wouldn’t be doing ourselves any justice or favors if we didn’t make the most of it. Let’s live freely and openly- the life we choose to live.

The next line..” Covered in black, we lack the social graces”; black meaning a shadow of doubt or literally the black clothing that rock and roll is known for- take it as you will. But I like to think of it more as a dark shadow; wearing black as a un-literal sense of disguise. The term “black sheep” comes to mind here- especially as she continues..” lacks the social graces”. I would interpret this as being society’s reject. Not fitting in, not abiding by the “social grace or standard” that is expected of me as a member of society. I never said I wanted to fit in- and I don’t- this line is perfect.

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE- “They can’t tame us/ So if you’re one of us, get on the bus”- This speaks to me on an even bigger level. Not only Is Lzzy Hale implying that “we” cannot be tamed (so don’t bother)- But she offers to us a feeling of membership- “So if your one of us”. That is SOO important because she is creating a community of “freaks” (as she calls them)- but of all of us. I interpret that as, – those of us who don’t belong- we belong together; just as we are; freaks like her (me). Acceptance through difference; it is exactly what I believe- (we also as in ASK FASHION)- Fashion, & acceptance in general through difference.

Next- “If you’re a freak like me/ Wave your flag!…. It’s our time now/ To let it all hang out” I just love this too. I love it simply because she brings us to her level. She- Lzzy Hale is “one of us”, and we belong with her- “freak like me”. She not only understands, she encourages and brings together those of us who want to stand out- she is not above us- but one of us- and there is such an important difference. She belongs to her fans, like we belong to her- one cannot exist without the other. Together- we are family- Freaks like me.

The second half- “It’s our time now/To let it all hang out”. I could not have said it better myself- it is for sure “our time”. We “let it all hang out”- in the sense of not only being present, but standing out- exactly as we are- “letting it all hang out”. For the fashion community there has never been a more perfect time for Plus Size Fashion- to be apart of something much bigger than just myself- this is a movement- this is my life and the time is now. “We” the Plus Size Fashion community are here to stay. Not only are we here- but we want you to notice us.

The next few.. “you were born to burn..”- this I particularly like because no one said this life would be an easy one. Someone once said to me- you have to burn to shine. Burn in the sense of working for it- working for the life you want, getting through your hurdles, obstacles whatever is in your way and overcoming it. Born- I like that she uses this word- Born because it implies that I was made to take this challenge; this life on, that this was the path I was made to pursue, and not only will I pursue it, but I will get through it and achieve because I was born to succeed. But, not without hard work, perseverance  tenacity and skill.

I love this too -” This is no disease you don’t need a cure”- I take this in the freak membership sense (ignoring medical completely because this is NOT what I am talking about) what I am trying to describe is a sense of who I am and who you are as people- being a “Freak” is not a disease- and Lzzy is right- you DON’T need a cure- because there is nothing to cure. Whether I am a size 6 or a size 26- I am who I am, despite what my jean label says. And I proudly say I am a freak.

Now on to the next..”We’re underground but we will not surrender/ We’re gonna give them something to remember, yeah/ So write your name in gasoline/And set that shit on fire” I love this lyric because it reminds me of the plus size industry as well- what started underground has continued to grow, and we will not surrender until we accomplish what we set out to do. And- not only will we continue to fight on- but we will “give them something to remember”- I LOVE that. Not only do I (and me as ASK FASHION) want to continue the good fight- but I want you to remember me- remember and know the person and people behind the brand- making your clothes, and transforming lives. I love the picture that Lzzy paints in our heads- writing our names in gasoline and setting it on fire- what a perfect image. That is exactly what we tend to you. (How appropriate she mentions burning in her earlier lyric, and her she is- burning her name for you to remember- how perfect!) *Nice job Lzzy*

And last but not least.. “Don’t apologize/ They can’t hold you down/ you were born to rise!” I must say I love this the most- and I couldn’t agree more. I make (and the brand) NO apologizes for who we are or how we feel. I am unapologetic about re-shoring American manufacturing, supporting the American economy, forming relationships and sustainability. “They can’t hold you down/ You were born to rise!”. I also love this because it reflects that struggle- of being “held down” in a sense. But she reminds us- that we got this- that we have to keep fighting- because (we) “were born to rise!”. You have to keep fighting. And you don’t need to apologize for just being you. I as sure as hell won’t apologize. Take me, or leave it. You have two choices. I am going to rise, and so are you. Keep fighting, if your a #freaklikeme! Rock on ladies!

Freak like Me Lyrics– courtesy of Lyricfreak.com

I’m on the train that’s pullin’ the sick and twisted,
Makin’ the most of the ride before we get arrested,
We’re all wasted,
And we’re not going home tonight

Covered in black we lack the social graces,
Just like an animal we crawl out of our cages,
They can’t tame us,
So if you’re one of us, get on the bus

If you’re a freak like me,
Wave your flag!
If you’re a freak like me,
Get off your ass!
It’s our time now,
To let it all hang out

So shout if you’re a freak like me,
You were born to burn,
This is no disease you don’t need a cure!
It’s our time now to come out!
If you’re a freak like me!
If you’re a freak like me!

We’re underground but we will not surrender,
We’re gonna give them something to remember, yeah,
So write your name in gasoline,
And set that shit on fire

So shout if you’re a freak like me,
Don’t apologize,
They can’t hold you down,
You were born to rise!
It’s our time now to come out!

If you’re a freak like me
If you’re a freak like me
Are you a freak like me?
Are you a freak, like, me?!

So shout if you’re a freak like me,
Don’t apologize,
They can’t hold you down,
You were born to rise!
It’s our time now to come out!
If you’re a freak like me!
If you’re a freak like me!
If you’re a freak like me!
If you’re a freak like me!
If you’re a freak like me!

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We are in this together..

Hello and thanks for coming to read my blog! I have a lot to say today about business, people, business culture, and more, so bare with me this might be a bit long.

In the spirit of transparency, I want you to know that I also work full time at said “Day Job” to support my pursuit of making ASK Fashion a reality. As they say, it takes money to make money, and its true. However I am learning important lessons at my day job that will for sure have their influence on how I conduct business with ASK FASHION. Most of these “lessons” are taken as “what NOT to do”.. as opposed to “what to do”- but more on that later.

As I begin to refer to “WE” I mean- the USA as a whole. There is a bigger picture here; a picture of corporate greed, the bottom line and a total lack of apathy & empathy. The problem I see here is the lack of caring about people; about each other. Since when did things change, that all we care about is ourselves? And all people seem to care about is tearing each other down, instead of building people up? I just don’t get it. This has always bothered me and it just doesn’t make sense.

What is more interesting is the entire chain is effected; in turn we are only hurting ourselves and we don’t even know it. ” We”As a country, we have stopped investing in our people- our education system. On a grander scale, the entire problem starts there.

We are all riding the same bus of life together, we just all have different seats. We are in this together whether we like it or not. At what point did we start hurting instead of helping?

One of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite TV shows of all time- The Walking Dead- one of the main characters Glen says- “We can make it together.. but we can ONLY make it together”. When I heard that, that went right into my heart. More then just surviving the zombie apocalypse- but just living on this planet as people- we will need to work together to survive and to thrive. We will accomplish much more and only better ourselves and each other. By the time we realize this as a society- it will be too late.

Reflecting on the recent 20 lay offs from my day job in the last 6 months, ( but 17 being the  most recent) it really makes me wonder. Is it really always only about the money? Trying to fix your corporate mistakes by laying off people- unfortunately it’s story that is told over and over again. I don’t see any upper management reaching into their own pockets to fix the problem.

Given the opportunity, I would have gladly not taken a pay raise, and knew I would help my friend keep her job.  No apparently- its easier to just lay off part of the work force. Quite frankly-we are pretty lean as far as employees go; I just can’t see where they can continue to make cuts. It seems like the mindset has changed from quality to quantity. Get as much as you can for as little as possible- and honestly it sickens me. If you have 10 people doing the job of 20, at some point something is going to give.

Company culture comes from the TOP down. Not pointing the blame, as management would so eagerly do themselves- but waking up and coming to work each day, not sure if I will still have my job the next day- is not job security; its ruling through fear. And its a problem. Fear of losing my job won’t make me work harder as a worker- but (as studies show)- just do enough to not lose my job.

And I will be damned if I will let anyone control my fate other than me.

And that’s where ASK Fashion comes in. Starting my own company, and especially my own fashion brand put me in a position to honestly ask myself a lot of questions.

Part of my, and ASK Fashions core values is always putting people first. Always. Not just helping to re-shore American manufacturing and production, but to help invest in people. Investing in Americans, in their education and in their work. One day, helping to provide and teach sewing skills, and production management, all while maintaining ethic and moral working and living standards.

I won’t quite touch upon work ethics, as that is another topic for another post, but it is VERY important to me, and to ASK FASHION. Morals before money. People first. I want to know I am helping my company support not only themselves but each other. There is a saying, taking care of yourself, takes care of more than yourself; while I think that’s true, but helping to take care of others, will also help you take care of yourself as well. We can make it together, but we can ONLY make it together.

What are your thoughts? What would you change if you could? What would you do differently? I would LOVE to hear-

Stay Classy!


Ⓒ ASK Fashion LLC & Ⓒ Rose Riot

Style Week North East- Fall 2015 “We are taking over!!”

Wooo!! We made it! The show is over!!

Better late then never! I hope you were able to come to the Biltmore Hotel in Providence RI- on 2/16/15 and see my fashion show presentation of Fall/Winter 2015, entitled- WE ARE TAKING OVER!! If not- don’t worry! Watch it here!

Let me start off with saying- I love London and England! I don’t know why, maybe I was a royal in my past life, but I love English history, especially from the tutor era. I also went through this punk rock phase when I was 13 (what 13 yr old doesn’t). I still have a punk rock side of me as an adult- I just think its a little more refined- no so much into the black make up any more. Ha!

I couldnt have choosen a better punk rock setting then that of London, England! Woo!! I have always loved the look of the Union jack. There is just something about it; its complicated and yet logical. I am not sure why I am so obsessed with it. But I like it. Anyway, so I took all those things and decided to combine them into my inspiration for this season.

For my color pallet, I am not going to lie- purple is my favorite color. So when I stumbled upon this brilliant purple plaid- I just couldnt get enough. And plaid was on my mind and perfectly fit into my collection theme- it was meant to be. Part of my process sometimes involve just shopping around for the right fabric and letting it speak to me. Other times, I have a binder full of sketches. It really depends on the collection- but most times ifs a happy combination of both things. Going along with the punk rock theme I wanted to keep the pallet dark- so I choose white, black and dark heathered grey.

I choose the title “We are taking Over!” because that is exactly how I feel the fashion industry is dealing with this budding and exploding plus size segment of the market. We are in deed taking over! And we are here to stay! And there is nothing wrong with that! Its about time the market started paying attention! And that is exactly why i started my brand and company- this was missing in the market. My voice was missing. But we are here and we will be heard together! Together we can succeed.

All you need to do.. is ASK! Here we are!

Most of the looks from the fall collection will be here available for purchase.

I would LOVE to hear from you!! What did you think of my show? Be Honest! Its OK, and I am not everyone’s cup of tea- that’s OK- but I wouldn’t want to be. Love it? Hate it? Let me know!

Is there something missing? What would you have liked to see? Comment below! I won’t bite- I promise!


Ⓒ ASK Fashion LLC & Ⓒ Rose Riot